Supply cultivation equipment, facilities, and environmental control solutions,

through the development of smart farm-related big data and AI-based technology. 

In addition to supplying seedlings of strawberries and leafy vegetables, 
we also provide vertical farm solutions and large-scale plant factory solutions.

We support Farm&OnStore model 
which harvests and supplies fresh strawberries, leafy vegetables, and herbs 
on the same day by establishment of a local production hub near the city center.


"A new agriculture, a new world"

Let people enjoy safe, fresh and delicious food anytime and anywhere

by standardization, intelligence, automation, and localization of farming technologies.


"To constantly provide safe and healthy food

to customers by using new agricultural technologies and solutions"


Creative Enriching Services for Life

The four bars mean Communication, Energy, Service, and Linkage, which are key business elements, and at the same time, the crop shape of spring, summer, autumn, and winter means crops that always grow the same regardless of the four seasons.


2016 Establishment of Sessel Primus Co., Ltd.

2017 Established corporate research institute

2018 Established Alpha Farm, a vertical eco-friendly plant factory

2018 Plant factory smart farm automation system development agreement signed
         (Yudo, SesselPrimus, Miraewon)

2019 Farm 8 Plant Factory Purchase Agreement

2019 Korea Greenhouse Crop Research Institute Strawberry Container Farm Joint Project

2019 TIPS task selection

2019 Hoban Plan H Investment No. 1 Selection

2021 Nonghyup Rice Museum vertical farm construction

          Directly managed in-door strawberry farm construction (Avenue Franc Gwanggyo)

          Establishment of local government plant factory (Cheonan Agricultural Technology Center)


  • Plant growth monitoring control system and plant growth monitoring control method
  • Smartfarm system with load protection and failure prevention functions and method for providing the same
  • Smartfarm automation system using robots


  • Strawberry Image Classification Software based on Deep Learning for Evaluation of Strawberry Maturity